Who says we can’t change the system! Inequality and corporate greed abound, but what if we can build a new economic reality without fighting the existing one? In the Community Wealth game, we can work together to do just that. In this game, you have the experience of building something new so that everyone benefits!

Community Wealth

A Cooperative Board Game

Community Wealth is a cooperative board game where each player moves the action forward with the help and advice of other players. How can we raise money to get started? How can we engage people from our community to get involved? How can we use resources to benefit everyone in our community? How can we develop a self-sustaining economy that allows us to improve lives all around us? How can we stop our money and our hard work from leaking out of our communities?

“We found it fun and challenging and so much more uplifting than Monopoly!”
Gerry & Lynn


We want you to have the experience of playing the game without the cost being prohibitive. Instead of buying this game, you can just play it with us online! Check out our EVENTS for details.


If you want to own the game, you can order it here for $125.00

One Reply to “The COMMUNITY WEALTH Game”

  1. Thanks so much Laurie & Terry for developing such a brilliant game! From the first time I played it with you on-line, via Zoom, I was struck at how realistic it is. These are things that can really happen to businesses and communities – the good, bad & ugly. I really enjoy the cooperative nature of the game. (I bore and tire quickly of games that have me competing AGAINST my fellows.) This game holds my attention all the way through. It engages some strategic thought, some patience, some consideration for situations, some suspense… I can’t wait to share it with all of my friends. I also like the ecologically friendly content of the cards and descriptions. Makes me feel like this is a board game for THIS century! Well done.

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