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Why we maDE THIS film

The current economic system is failing us with its runaway inequality and focus on profits instead of people. If we keep going in the direction we are headed, the future looks pretty bleak. The primary focus is on for-profit development and “growing the economy”, while most of us are trying harder and harder to make ends meet. This economy is not sustainable. Something has to change. The system has to change.

We all want to do something to make a difference, to make an impact. Filmmaking is what we can do. We want to create a vision of the future that is positive amidst all the divisiveness. We have been looking for a way to break free from the runaway problems facing us today- for us personally, and for our community, and for our nation, and for our planet. Not by going “backwards” to the way things were in the good old days. But by creating a new future, one that works for all of us, where each person experiences the joy of contributing their talents and efforts to improve the quality of life for one another. That idea led us to making this film.

Feature film

This documentary film changes the conversation about community economies, and shows a way that we can move from inequality to an abundant life for everybody.

Director of Photography: Jeff Sterrenberg (

THE DREAM WE CHOOSE includes accounts of communities we have found that are transforming their economies, building community wealth, changing the nature of work from survival to contribution, and creating a new and joyful culture.  

  • A very small town almost disappears from the map and then its people step forward and bring it back to life.
  • In the crowded streets of a big city where concrete has taken over 70% of the landscape, people are reclaiming patches of land to grow vegetables and build relationships.
  • Residents of a city neighborhood are overcoming a food desert by developing local leaders, growing community food systems, and building community-owned wealth.
  • The mayor of a rural township takes on a never-before-attempted economic strategy based on Contributionism to prove that the community can look after its own needs.

This documentary film tells the stories of communities rural and urban, large and small, that are gathering investors, residents and resources and showing us what it takes to co-create sustainable communities and an economy where people are more important than profits. 

Taking our economic future into our own hands one neighborhood at a time.

2 Replies to “THE DREAM WE CHOOSE”

  1. I love the card descriptions.
    Money could be more beautiful.
    Stop the leak indicators should be red.
    Separate business into “start/upgrade the business” & “Business income”.

    Add condition to win = 3 businesses.
    Certain meeple colours could represent qualifications (engineers, artists, etc) and various businesses have different requirements (or at least perform better) with certain meeples.
    (may be good to choose your business wisely, depending on the people available)

    Gentri can also go after leaks.
    Another gentry type entity would be nice, but different.
    Add training/upgradng people?

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