New Movie Now In Production

by Terry Sterrenberg

The idea of The Villaging Project has led us on a deeply personal search for a new economy that can sustainably produce abundance for everybody.

As we have moved forward to develop the idea for a relevant documentary film about what we call here “villaging”, we have come to realize more about how the motive to make profits has superseded the notion of taking care of people. It  has taken over the American dream and left many of us struggling to make a living.

The working title of this upcoming documentary is “OUR New Economy.   It is a deeply personal film about our own disillusionment with the economic system into which we were born.   For several years, we have been researching ways of thinking about money and jobs and access and scarcity,  and we  have taken our camera along on the journey.  

OUR New Economy presents the story of our search for a positive vision of the future that we think is possible. It examines the lifestyle trends that have been leading us further and further away from our life’s source, and how we can alter the course of our future economy.  What happens when we change our idea of “development” from suburbia & shopping malls to communities of people who take care of one another?

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