Let’s Talk About IT

by Terry Sterrenberg

So easy these days to become cynical. To exploit a familiar Netflix title, it is time to “Look Up.” Indeed it is way past time to “look up” and to look all around.

Laurie and I are trying to create supportive conversations online. Our second one is this Thursday evening. Quite frankly talking about possible futures feels like a weak response to all the misinformation that is happening. At the same time talking is something we can all do to stay in touch with each other and lift our hearts a bit. I imagine these conversations to be a lifeline to sane individuals trying to create a future for themselves with others.

Please register HERE  to register for our conversation events and to play the Community Wealth Game and we will send you a Zoom link.

You may be wondering if this conversation is for you.

These invitations are for people who are
angry or confused
Tired of uncertainty
Tired of the delusional life of the last few years
Perplexed about how we as a country got here
Want something new and are ready for a transformation
Looking for life affirming and trust able partners/friends
tired of trying to fit your life into a new mold when all you have is the old form

This is you if you are ….
Feeling stuck and at the effect of life
Afraid of the future
Dependent on a job that makes money mostly for an employer
Overwhelmed or fed up with the covid life
Thinking armed rebellion seems like the only option
Tired of getting multiple emergency requests for money from politicians saying that your $5 is crucial to make their midnight goal.

Perhaps it is time to move past these obstacles. Someone once said “obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal”. If you could design a future what would be your goal? and what would you feel like in that future. Here are a some questions to ponder in your inquiry.

What would it be like if …
1. All concerns and aspirations of everyone were of equal importance
2. The world’s resources were the common heritage of all people everywhere . 3. What do you long for?

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