by Terry Sterrenberg

The documentary film NOW IS THE TIME: Healthcare for Everybody honors the healthcare activists who have been taking actions for a long time without seeing immediate effects, and gives us hope that indicates that there is a way through once we reach a certain tipping point. The Princeton study clearly showing that over the past twenty years or more, Congress has not acted on our behalf, we sometimes wonder whether our actions will have an impact.

A few brave souls have been plugging away year after year trying to create change, while most other citizens have been resigned or too busy making ends meet to get involved.

The Princeton study results pictured below show that there is a thirty percent likelihood that Congress will pass a law regardless of how many people support the idea.  

This situation points us towards corrective action, i.e. to elect and re-elect public servants who support Single Payer, who do what they say they will do, who represent their constituents, and who are not influenced by accepting money.  But it is still not enough.

The new movement is one of intentional education of citizens and establishing coalitions of groups and organizations that all march to the same heartbeat, a Medicare-for-all, Single Payer system, where we take collective action to look out for one another.

Research shows that having 3.5% of the population actively involved in promoting a particular solution (in this case, Medicare-for-All, single payer healthcare) is the tipping point required for a grassroots movement to be successful. It is not about opinions, and it is not about Congress.

Polls show that 58% of people in the U.S. favor a medicare-for-all system.  That is just a reflection of opinions, not actions.

We are in a new era since the November 2016 election.  People are waking up and putting themselves into action.  This was not happening before.

The Womens’ March in January, 2017 showed a huge groundswell of grassroots involvement, with about 4 million people putting themselves into the movement.  To reach the critical 3.5% of the U.S. population, and create change (whether in a democracy or dictatorship) will require about 11 million people being in action.

Our job is to light a fire under our citizens, and get them activated en masse.  There are more of us than there are of “them”- if we act together.

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