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After lengthy careers as counselors, we began making documentary films. We are passionate about using our filmmaking to explore social  issues and create new visions of human and economic evolution.   More about us

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Community Wealth:
A Cooperative Board Game

Documentary film 2020 (70 minutes)

What does it take to create an economy where people are more important than profits?

Documentary film 2016 (71 minutes)

Why does the U.S. continue to resist the national healthcare solution that other countries provide for their citizens?

Documentary film 2011 (65 minutes)
Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland

How did the health care systems in Canada and the United States evolve to be so completely different, when at one point they were essentially the same?

6 Part video series 2014
(Total run time 43 minutes)
Featuring the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model

How can schools & teachers reduce challenging behavior and teach kids the skills they need to function adaptively in the real world.?

Copyright Ross W. Greene PhD

Documentary short film 2015 (27 minutes)
Filmed on location at Captain Cook, Hawaii. Featuring Zac Hosler

Can a young father leave behind financial success flipping houses in California, and triumph over challenges that threaten to interrupt his dream of building a successful aquaponics farm in Hawaii?

Short educational film 2003 (12 minutes)

A positive, proactive approach to guiding
children’s behavior with no need for punishment or negative consequences.

By using The Discipline Wheel parents and child care providers can avoid power struggles and resolve those little conflicts that happen dozens of times each day.

Educational film 2004 (27 minutes)

This short film reveals the thoughts and attitudes of women and girls in a small Transylvanian village. Over recent years, this beautiful village has lost half its population as young people grow up and move away to cities due to lack of work.
Most of the villagers are Unitarians, and this film also shows how they have been impacted by visits from members of their American partner church near Seattle, Washington.


The Bridge

by Terry Sterrenberg In 2013 my wife Laurie Simons and I left our life in Bellevue WA in search of an answer to this question. “Can we in this country address many of today’s social and economic issues by creating communities that look after their own food, energy and economic needs at a local level?” In …

Childish Anger?

by Terry Sterrenberg “When I was a child I had great difficulty with the question of why human beings hurt each other. It made no sense to me that anyone could believe that shooting and killing other people resolved anything. That kind of thinking seemed stupid to me and I would get furious. Over the …

Open Spaces

by Terry Sterrenberg Several years ago I participated in a mingling exercise at a workshop that changed my life. The directions were simple. They were to “keep moving” ; “keep walking”: “don’t stop”; “ just keep walking into the open space”. There were probably two hundred people in the room so this would seem to …

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